You've sacrificed. You've put in the hard work it requires to be an instructor, trainer and influencer. You are one of the reasons our industry is so safe and successful. Here's our thanks to you. 

The BMD PRO PROGRAM is for the instructors, trainers and influencers that continue to make our industry safe by providing PSDs cutting edge training, industry best practices, real operational experience and "been there done that" wisdom. 

As a BMD PRO, you will receive special pricing, sneak peeks at new product releases and have input on new swag and gear. In return Influencers are asked to represent and share the values of our company: 

Making high quality, purpose-built apparel and gear for the exceptional men and women who put it all on the line during every mission. We love what we do and are proud to be part of a community of professionals who share the same bad-ass, lets go, assess the risk and get it done attitude. 

Our vision is to create awesome gear, show appreciation of our profession and build a coalition of professional divers who share the same passion and commitment of saving lives and bringing home those who didn't make it. 

The BMD PRO PROGRAM is open to qualified, active and current SCUBA, PSD and SRT INSTRUCTORS/TRAINERS. Acceptable certifying agencies include: DRI, ERDI, NAUI, PADI, SSI, SDI/TDI & Rescue3. Additional agencies may be approved upon review. 

Membership is by application only and all members need to reapply/requalify annually to continue membership and access. Membership is not guaranteed and can be revoked at any time.

We make the application process easy with 2-steps:

How to apply:
1. Login or create an account on our website - Click the LOGIN icon (looks like a little dude) on the top right corner of our home page or use this link:

Your PRO account will be linked to your registered email. Make sure to use the original e-mail address you used for your account. If you change/update your e-mail address after registering, your account will need to be updated. Check for extra spaces before or after the e-mail address when it is entered, or copy/pasted.

2. Then, email us a pdf, jpg (etc) copy of your current Instructor card/certificate(s) to: 

We will get back to you within 24 hours. Approval is not guaranteed and can be revoked at any time.