About Us

BMD Black Mask Divers LE Fire Military Public Safety Divers

Purpose-built apparel and gear designed by us, specifically for you. Pretty simple.

With close to 25 years in the SAR and Dive Rescue & Recovery operations community, we've been around the bend once or twice. We are active Public Safety Divers. We love what we do and are proud to be part of a community of professionals who share the same bad-ass, lets go, assess the risk and get it done attitude. 

Our vision is to create awesome gear, show appreciation of our profession and build a coalition of professional divers who share the same passion and commitment of saving lives and bringing home those who didn't make it. 

We are purposeful in our actions and Black Mask Divers means something to us... Our full face mask is the iconic symbol of our industry. It is our badge. It is our story. And it is a tribute to you. Professionals in your trade, honorable in your commitment, exemplary in your courage. We are all Black Mask Divers.

 Send us and we shall go...

For we are the Light in the Darkness.

Dive safe & dive often.
- K2