We Are Black Mask Divers


Our origin story is simple, and our goals are crystal clear…
We are public safety divers, and we are here to serve public safety divers.

That’s it.

We believe in service to others and will always place the needs of our customers above the needs of the company or ourselves.

Our founder, Kevin Kemmerling, created BMD out of his garage with a passion and no actual plan or business ability to carry it out.

That didn’t really matter, though.

After 16 years as a public safety diver and dive team commander, he knew that the public safety dive community was underserved, under-represented, and was often forced to ‘make do’ with gear designed for other types of diving.

What followed was hundreds of hours spent at the drawing board creating diver-specific swag made from the best materials available… so you can be proud of your role in this community while being comfortable and looking good.

Then came the gear purpose-designed to address some of the biggest flaws of any other option out there. The substandard options that forced public safety divers to “make it work”.

But the greatest impact of BlackMaskDivers is the community.

Our community is made up of divers and supporters from all walks of life, and from all over the world. Police, firefighters, search and rescue, military… All divers that enter the water for a purpose greater than themselves or money.

Through that community, we foster the goals of servant leadership, humility-driven improvement, stamping out mediocrity, and always pushing ourselves to be better tomorrow than we are today.

The community is what makes us all strong. Where we can find support and guidance. Where we can share the knowledge of the job, find resources to solve unique problems, or get help through a tough call.

The BlackMaskDivers community is here for all of us.

It is all of us.